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Welcome to this Website! I'm Ubeyd. I am a student, coder, martial artist and musician. I love Python programming, producing music and writing Blogs about pretty much any Topic that comes to my mind.

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Waking up at 5 am.

Let's talk about why you should get up at 5 AM. First of all and most important, you basically have more time for the things that matter. You can take care of the things you need to get done in the mornings and have more time during the day for yourself or you could even take the rest of the day off if you don't have anything urgent. Also you can declare a...

Why Muhammad Ali was the greatest.

"calling Muhammad Ali a great boxer is injustice. Muhammad Ali was bigger than Boxing!"

〜George Foreman...

Get started with Python!

First of all before we can get started: We need to install Python on our devices. It's actually really simple. You go to python.org and hover over downloads...

Books (Genres) for Everyone!

Let's start with the kids. As a Child, at first, i read books that basically every child read. For example Diary of a wimpy kid. That was actually pretty enjoyable, when i was like 7 years old...

Why did Mehmed II. declare himself Kayser-i Rum after he had conquered Kostantinople (Istanbul)?

So let's start with what Kayser-i Rum actually means.The word Kayser-i Rum is a Ottoman-Turkish word. Yes, that is a language 😂. So basically Kayser means Emperor. It is similar so the German word Kaiser which also means Emperor...


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