Books (genres) for Everyone!

Hello Guys i'ts me 🌹Ubeyd. I am a student at the HTL Dornbirn/Austria, which is an Engineering Highschool. In my freetime I do martial Arts, Python programming, produce music and write Blogs about History, Poetry, Physics; Computer Science or other Topics.

The Topic Today: 🥁 Book genres for Everyone

So Hey👋 Today I am going to list some Book genres I enjoyed as a child, as a 10-15 year old and as a 16/17 Year old.

Let's start with the kids.

As a Child, at first, i read books that basically every child read. For example Diary of a wimpy kid. That was actually pretty enjoyable, when i was like 7 years old. I think those books are great for new readers like i was. They are funny and kind of teach you that reading is something cool and funny.

But then, at some point (later at the age of 7 i think) i realised i didn't enjoy it that much anymore. So I switched to History and Physics books. I read largely Roman and Ottoman History and in Physics especially Astrophysics.

What i read as a 10 - 15 year old.

When I was 10 years old i started reading Computer Science books the first time. I got a Book Named C++ Programming for Kids. So i started reading that and doing the stuff the book tought me. That was the first time i wrote a program. From there on i got interested in more programming stuff like algorithms.

I also was reading more advanced physics and History books than i was with the age of 7. I read "a brief history of time" written by Sir Stephen Hawking when i was 12 and other books written by him after that. I also started reading Biographies from people who i like. One of the first Biographies I read was the one from Steve Jobs.

What i read as a 16/17 year old.

The last two years i started reading mainly History books. I still read about the Roman- and the Ottoman Empires. Thats why there'll be more Blogs about those Histories.

I also started reading Poetry. It's in my Opinion one of the most beautiful types of Art. But I am new to this matter so i can't tell that much about it. But in the Future i definetly will write Blogs about that too.

That was todays Blog. I hope i was somewhat helpful or entertained you for some time. If not, feel free to leave a comment down below.

See you later 👋

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