Get started with Python!

Hello Guys i'ts me 🌹Ubeyd. I am a student at the HTL Dornbirn/Austria, which is an Engineering Highschool. In my freetime I do martial Arts, Python programming, produce music and write Blogs about History, Poetry, Physics; Computer Science or other Topics.

Todays Blog is on how to get started with Python.

So hey, Today we are talking about getting started with python.

Let's install Python!

Firts of all before we can get started: We need to install Python on our devices.

It's actually really simple. You go to and hover over downloads.

Just click download. It usually shows the right version for your Operating System. If not just click on your Operating System on the left side and download the newest version.

First Program!

Lets write our first Program!

To write programs in python you don't need anything except for the IDLE that comes with python. Though at some point a good Text Editor is much more preferable. I recommend using Visual Studio code.

Anyways when you open IDLE it should look something like this:

The first command we'll use is "print". With "print" you can Output any type of Element like text or numbers. To output a text you need to use "print" like this: print("wanted text!"). So to write a "Hello World" program we would write the following:

That was todays Blog. I hope i was somewhat helpful or entertained you for some time. If not, feel free to leave a comment/feedback down below. This will be a series, so at some point a second part of "get started with Python!" will come!

See you later 👋

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