Why did Mehmed II. declare himself Kayser-i Rum after he had conquered Kostantinople (Istanbul)?

So Hello Guys i'ts me 🌹Ubeyd. So this is my first real Blog, let me introduce myself. I'm Ubeyd. I am a student at the HTL Dornbirn/Austria, which is an Engineering Highschool. In my freetime I do martial Arts, Python programming and produce music. And from this point on I am going to try to write these Blogs regularly, because I enjoy writing and doing research about topics I am interested about. The Blogs will mainly be about History, Poetry, Physics and Computer Science. But maybe there'll be some other topics I write about. Anyways now that you have some basic information about me, Let's start with the Main Topic today.

The Topic today is actually a Question: Why did Mehmed II. declare himself Kayser-i Rum after he had conquered Kostantinople (Istanbul)?

So let's start with what Kayser-i Rum actually means.The word Kayser-i Rum is a Ottoman-Turkish word. Yes, that is a language 😂. So basically Kayser means Emperor. It is similar so the German word Kaiser which also means Emperor. The additional "-i" kind of stands for "of". And lastly, Rum is the Word for Rome or Roman in Ottoman-Turkish. There you have it "Kayzer-i Rum" means "Emperor of Rome" or "Emperor of the Roman(Empire)".

Well I know that some historians don't really agree with that. So it is a discussed Matter. Here is what we're going to do. I am going to give an answer to the Question. And You'll decide on your own opinion. Then I'll tell you my Point of view.🤝👌

There is a fact, you should know. A lot of Ottoman-Rulers actually tried to conquer Kostantinople several times, including Mehmed II.'s Father Murad II. Well actually the whole world wanted to have Kostantinople. Because of it's Geographic Situation and because of the glory. It was the capital and last major holdout of the byzantine Empire which also was the last bit of the Roman Empire left. Because the West Roman Empire had already fallen. And The Ottomans had already conquered the other parts of the East Roman Empire (byzantine).

Fatih (Mehmed II.) was in love with the idea of beeing the Commander who conquers Kostantinople. I'll explain the Reason in another Blog. He did everything he could and took Kostantinople and gave it the name Istanbul.

He was now the Ruler of most of the place that once was the East Roman Empire (byzantine) which was the last Roman Empire. Therefore he founded, it was accurate to say that he was the Emperor of the Roman Empire, in other words Kayser-i Rum.

Another point which i find worth mentioning, is the fact that after that, he was going for the West Roman Empire. But he didn't live long enough.

What do I think? I think it was indeed accurate to say that he was Kayser-i Rum. Because he didn't only owned the land of the Byzantine Empire, he also was the Ruler of the Roman People so... .

There you have it. I hope you liked it. Please consider commenting so I can get better at writing Blogs.

See you later 👋

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